Basic Web Design Flashcards

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In terms of using a video in HTML, what are the four Boolean values?
autoplay, controls, loop, muted

Identify this tag that is used with multimedia in HTML: “it creates an element that contains content from another document, which includes PDFs and other websites.”
the iframe tag

In HTML, what does the perspective property do?
It helps give the illusion of depth

What would be the code for linking a CSS file named style.css to an HTML document?
< link rel = ”stylesheet” type = ”text/css” href = “style.css”>

List styling options in the order of CSS calling priorities?
  1. inline styling
  2. internal styling sheet
  3. external style sheet

What is a declaration block in a CSS file?
The information between the opening and closing braces; it has the declarations (the properties and values) for a selector

What is the static position value?
It is the default position value, which means that the selected elements abide by the webpage’s flow and do not have specific positioning

Regarding floats, how would “clear: both” affect a line of code?
“clear: both” would force the float to not be observed in any direction within the element it is applied to