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The Opening of Fat Face in Alexandria, Virginia

By Nelsa Simone | Posted on: 08/04/2021

In the spring of last year, during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many stores closed or shut down as quarantining, social distancing, and an increasing number of lives lost to COVID-19 dramatically affected the American economy. Many businesses lost their customers in the process and struggled to recover as more people stayed inside their homes. Despite all this, Liz Evans, the CEO of Fat Face, and her team were still determined to expand the clothing chain and keep it growing. Unlike many businesses in 2020, Fat Face has survived in a time when starting up a new store in a new location is unusually difficult.

One of Fat Face's kind and welcoming sales associates, Lindsay says that they have been trying their best to accommodate the pandemic's new economic climate by allowing customers to use tools like curbside pickup and ordering online. This has proven to be effective as Fat Face's number of online orders has increased over the past year. Another thing that may have possibly helped the business stay afloat is its specific location within Alexandria. Old Town is one of the busiest places in the city of Alexandria. With its hundreds of restaurants, shops, stores, antiques, festivals, events, and historic sites, the area is always ready to welcome people, especially newcomers like Fat Face.

What is Fat Face About?

Fat Face has been around since it opened up in England in 1988. The clothing brand was started by two friends who were low on cash; they decided to ski during the day and sell shirts and sweatpants they designed at night. The name of the brand is actually inspired by a ski run called La Face in Val-d'Is`ere, France. Since then, the brand has expanded from the United Kingdom to the United States and is now made up of over 200 locations. The store is well known for its continuing commitment to sustainability. As of now, the company is moving towards making all of its operations fully sustainable, which is an added boost to the already amazing repertoire of items available in-store and online. Fat Face was originally a men's clothing brand as the founders were male, but in the late ' 90s, a women's line and a kid's line were introduced. Since then, men, women, and children alike have been flocking to Fat Face for its classy yet trendy clothing.

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