Charity Through Medicine Club

Our Mission

Our club works to support medical charities, locally and nationally, by raising money and participating in various projects and events throughout the year.

a picture of a ladder reaching up to high a target
A target being met

Our Goals

To raise $5,000 or more annually for childhood cancer organizations

To have a positive impact on our community volunteering at local hospitals

To create a network of students who are interested in the medical field and have the heart to serve

To deliver 500 or more medical care packages by 2026

To increase student body exposure to medical related fields and opportunities

To partner with at least 5 organizations every single school year.

To grow our club to include 100 students in order to expand the work we can do.

How You Can Help...

Consider joining our club!!

Reach out to our teacher moderator to donate money for our events!

Spread the word about our club and share our events/projects with members of the community!

Follow us on instagram @ireton_ctm

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The Charity Through Medicine Club Instagram account